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About Us


About Texas Quality Assurance

Texas Quality Assurance was founded by Quality Managements for Quality Managers.  It is our desire, goal and mission to Save you Time and Energy for What MATTERS MOST!  QMS Boot Camp will further that mission!!


#QualityMatters Podcast

Texas Quality Assurance hosted by Darci and Kyle Chambers host the only Quality Management Podcast available on the net today.  Lear more...


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Training from folks that have been there before

  • Our training program will prepare you to build the Quality Management System your team needs
  • We give you hands on training, digging deep into the standards, common best practices, and the problems you are likely to experience along the way
  • Everything we do geared towards saving you time and energy for what matters most

The Team


Kyle Chambers | QMS Adviser & Lead Auditor

Kyle says he is  just a good old boy from a small town, Italy Texas. Now if you go for a visit, lets be clear its NOT pronounced "It-a-Ly" its simple "It-Ly", you will be corrected.  Kyle has spent more than ten years immersed in the Quality Management world. Kyle grew tired of working 70, 80 and some weeks 100 plus hours juggling the many hats so many QA/HSE/QHSE managers have to wear and set to find a better way.  

Darci Chambers AKA "The Boss Lady"

Lets just say Darci lives up to the name!  Darci spent the first part of her career teaching, and has her bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and masters in Educational Administration.  Needless to say she keeps the entire operation running smoothly and is the host of the hit podcast #QualityMatters, the first and only podcast dedicated to Quality and Quality Management.


The Husband and Wife due of Darci and Kyle Chambers own and operate Texas Quality Assurance and run the QMS Bootcamp, all with the single minded mission to save folks time and energy for what matters most.  

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