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Real world training QMS BOOT CAMP


About Us


QMS Boot Camp is hosted by Texas Quality Assurance.  Together we will explore real world solutions to common problems faced by Quality, Health-Safety and Environmental Managers.  Kyle Chambers, QMS Adviser for Texas Quality Assurance will lead you through what you need to know in order to implement and maintain Quality Management System to touches on all aspects of ISO 9001 and its common integrations with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.  Our class sizes are kept small, we ensure that everyone receives the one on one attention they need.

Implement and Maintain

Where do I start?  A Question we have all asked ourselves. Together we dive deep into  ISO 9001 standard to understand what is required of us, and work through ways to effectively develop and maintain a QMS.  Weather you new to the role as a QA Manager or 20 years senior, there is something here for everyone

Integrate with other Standards

As we march forward in the 21st century the need for organizations, of all sizes, to integrate Health  - Safety and Environmental Management with their Quality Management Systems in greater than ever.  Regardless if you are seeking certified compliance to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 or just doing the responsible thing, you will benefit.


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